OnePlus 6T is $450 cheaper, but what’s the catch?

OnePlus 6T is $450 cheaper, but what’s the catch?

OnePlus 6T is $450 Cheaper than other flagships like the iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 and Note 9 but is there a catch? What are we missing with the OnePlus 6T?

This is the OnePlus 6T, the 128GB version which is $549 and right next to it is the iPhone XS, the 64GB version which is $999.

Obviously the OnePlus 6T is great value for money and it’s always compared to other flagships and gained it’s popularity because of it’s amazing price. But what are we exactly losing by saving $450? Are we losing anything we can live without? What’s the catch?

The display, when the Pixel 2 was launched the LG made display suffered from this annoying blue and brown color shift and when the Pixel 3 was launched the XL version’s display was made by Samsung and the smaller display is made by LG. You can still see the difference. So not all OLED panels are created equal. When compared to the Pixel 3 XL OnePlus 6T display is comparable to the Pixel 3 phones. The OLED panel helps with vibrant color, true blacks and the Oxygen OS offers number of ways you can adjust color profiles and stuff like that. But when compared to the iPhone XS and Note 9 the OnePlus 6T does come up shot. Particularly with peak brightness and viewing angle.

Face Unlock

There is no question iPhone has implemented the most secure and reliable Face Unlock feature. It is defining not the fastest but unlike OnePlus 6T it is not considered a security issue. For instance you can’t use the OnePlus 6T Face Unlock with Android Pay. If removing the Face Unlock completely meant saving another $50 it would have made more sense.

Water Resistance

iPhone XS is now rated IP68 which means the phone can be 2m under water for 30mins. But OnePlus 6T is only splash resistant. This is not a must have feature but definitely makes sense why the phone is cheaper.

No Wireless Charging

Now this is something I really miss, but again lack of wireless charging does help keep the cost down. OnePlus 6T does support industries best Fast Charging so it makes sense not to worry about wireless charging which is rather slow but this is one the bug reasons why the phone is cheaper.

No Headphone Jack

6T is the first phone without head[hone jack but we get 20% bigger battery. While I really don’t think this contributes to the cost saving but there are other expensive ways to add a bigger battery so it makes sense from a cost perspective to remove the headphone jack instead.

Alright let’s look at some of the positive things that makes these trade-offs worthwhile.


the 6T runs on the same Snapdragon 845 chipset you'll find in other leading Android phones. And OnePlus makes the most of that mobile processor, turning in some of the best benchmarks for Android phones we've seen this year.

Finger Print Scanner In-Display

I was skeptical but I am amazed how well it works given how it relies on the light that reflects off your finger to read your unique finger print. It’s not the fastest but it’s really cool to see the invisible fingerprint scanner at work.

The 6T has a one of the best user interface because of the clean Oxygen OS.

Performance, Finger Print Scanner and Oxygen OS makes the trade-offs I mentioned earlier well worth it given this phone is $450. So yeah there is no catch, it’s just OnePlus refusing to add things some of us don’t really need so we get a better performing and more functional phone for the fraction of the cost. If you currently own a OnePlus 6T please let me know what you think, I’m really active on the comment section so I look forward to yours. Please subscribe and turn on notification so you’ll know the moment I post my next video and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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