GoPro Event Reaction - GoPro's new Hero 6 & Fusion Cameras

GoPro Event Reaction - GoPro's new Hero 6 & Fusion Cameras

Hey what’s up guys this is Karthik with another video and here is a quick look at the new GoPro Fusion and Hero 6 cameras.

This morning GoPro announced two new cameras and for better or worse it looked lot like the recent iPhone launch. Hero 6 like the iPhone 8 with a really nice spec bump and the GoPro Fusion is like the iPhone X with radically new features we have to see it to really know how it works in the long run.

The very idea behind GoPro Fusion is mind-blowing. GoPro Fusion comes with 2 lenses one on the back and one on the front to capture a 360 view of everything surrounding the camera. It turns images captured by these two lenses into a single spherical image. And the best part is how the camera takes care of the stitch lines so you don’t see those weird artifacts you typically see in 360 videos.

I am not a huge fan of 360 videos because it’s not practical and your viewers don’t have a clue where and when to turn to catch those to amazing moments you spent so much time and energy to capture. This is where the Fusion camera makes its mark!  GoPro Fusion is not just a VR camera, with a feature called Over Capture that lets you take the spherical content and frame it into a traditional resolution by turning the angle in ways it wasn’t possible before.

With one camera you can capture everything from the camera and then you can pick and choose what you want with the GoPro app. I think this is truly groundbreaking, at least the idea. I am not a huge fan of the GoPro app and I really hope there is a desktop version of the app that lets you create these videos.

The success of GoPro Fusion really depends on how the GoPro app works to let you choose the camera angle and create your final video.

Since it uses images from 2 different lenses you can get 5.2 K footage our of GoPro Fusion and I am really looking forward to testing it!

On top of all this, It’s waterproof, it’s mountable and it’s voice-controlled just like GoPro Hero cameras. So in its true essence, it still features all the great features we love.

Along with the Fusion GoPro launched the new Hero 6.

With Hero 6 now you can shoot 4K at 60 FPS so if you have an iPhone 8 you can combine the videos from these 2 devices and still get a 4K at 60 FPS without any loss in quality.

Hero 6 can also shoot 2.7k at 120 FPS and 1080p at 240 FPS. This is some amazing specs for slow-motion videos. In addition to these spec bumps, GoPro claims to have tremendously improved the WiFi performance improving the transfer speed. This is extremely important for the success of the entire GoPro ecosystem which now seems to rely on the GoPro app to create amazing content without having to use a separate video editing software.

I should have the Hero 6 camera to review in the next few days so please make sure you are subscribed to see my hands-on first look at the Hero 6 camera.

Be a part of the notification squad by clicking on that bell icon when you subscribe so you’ll know the moment I posted that video. I am also planning to some WiFi transfer speed test to see if it’s really worth upgrading from Hero 5.

It’s been a quick look at the GoPro Fusion and Hero 6 cameras, and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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