Stuff an an iPhone 8 can do that your iPhone 7 cannot

Stuff an an iPhone 8 can do that your iPhone 7 cannot

STUFF an iPhone 8 CAN DO that an iPhone 7 CANNOT

Hey, what’s up guys this is Karthik with another video and today we are looking at things an iPhone 8 can do that your iPhone 7 cannot. I have a feeling at this point you are overwhelmed by all the iPhone 8 reviews you are watching and I’ll show you things the iPhone 8 can do which is not possible with an iPhone 7.

Wireless Charging

Just like the iPhone 4 the iPhone 8 now has a glass back to supports wireless charging. Apple is now adapting to the Qi standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium instead of creating another property standard. This is great news because you might have already seen Qi charging pads at the airport, coffee shops, and other public places. And the adoption is only going to get better with Apple supporting it. It is interesting to note that Starbucks went with completely different standard even though it may be interoperable with Qi-enabled devices. Let’s hope everyone else adopts to this standard soon so we will see wireless charging at your local restaurant so you get a chance to talk to one another instead of staring at your phone.

I did a quick comparison video of Mophie and Belkin wireless chargers for the iPhone 8 so please check it out if you’d like to see how it looks and works.

Bluetooth 5

iPhone 8 is the first iPhone to support Bluetooth 5. iPhone 7 supports Bluetooth 4 and with Bluetooth 5, iPhone 8 connectivity will consume less power and gives you more range and transfers more data. This is particularly helpful if you are walking around the house or gym listening to music.

At this point, there is not a lot of Bluetooth 5 compatible devices in the market and let's hope that changes soon. In any case, the iPhone 8 will be future proof in this area. It’s funny to mention even the Apple AirPod is not BlueTooth 5 compatible at this point so that is something to consider.

Fast Charging

iPhone 8 comes with the same 5W charging brick you get with iPhone 7. But the iPhone 8 is capable of fast charging with a higher wattage charging brick like the USB-C MacBook charger. So if you have an iPad Pro or MacBook you can now charge your iPhone 8 more rapidly. You just need a compatible USB-C to Lightning cable to use the 85W MacBook Pro charger. I was able to charge close to 50% in 30minutes with the MacBook charger and I’m not sure if fast charging has any negative impact on the battery life in the long run. But looking at the graphics behind this official USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple it looks like charging from your MacBook is not going to be harmful. I’ll be posting a fast charging comparison video with different charging bricks from apple to see which one works best so please stay tuned for that.

Better Camera

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can now shoot 4k videos at 60fps thanks to the new A11 Bionic chip. iPhone 7 can shoot 240fps slow-motion videos only in 720p now with the iPhone 8 you can shoot 240fps in 1080p. iPhone 7 portrait mode gets a cool new update called Lighting Effects. The new A11 Bionic chip manipulates the scene before even you take the picture by analyzing the scene in 3 dimensions.

That’s pretty much what an iPhone 8 can do that your iPhone 7 cannot. And I think it’s a great upgrade from iPhone 6s but if you have an iPhone 7 I’d rather look into the iPhone X.

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It’s been a quick look at the iPhone 8 features compared to the iPhone 7 and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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