GoPro Hero 6 Unboxing and First Impressions

GoPro Hero 6 Unboxing and First Impressions

GoPro Hero 6 - Unboxing and Review

This is Karthik with another video and you are looking at a brand new GoPro Hero 6. I am going to do a quick unboxing a take a look at some of the new features.

Before we get into the video I’d like to announce the winner of the 5K subscriber's celebration contest. Gavin, you are the winner of the GoPro Gimbal. Please DM me on Twitter so I can send you your prize! Congratulations! I’m hoping to do another giveaway when we hit 10k subs so let’s see where this leads us.

Coming back to GoPro, last March I talked about my Hero 6 wish list and to my surprise, they actually did add some of the features I wished for. Let's go ahead and unbox it.

The packaging looks very familiar if you unboxed a GoPro before. But this time around they have this integrated flap you pull out to open the package instead of the clear sticker we are used to seeing.

Inside the box, we have the GoPro Hero 6 camera with the mounting bracket, mounting screw, and the clip. To remove the camera you just pull this tab out, press the clip and release. And as always make sure you cut and save this additional GoPro mount.

Also, there are instructions on the back to get the camera out of the packaging as it may seem a little hard for the first time.

Inside the box, we have some GoPro stickers, instruction manual, USB-C charging cable, lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a set of adhesive mounts in two different shapes.

Let's go ahead and open the mounting bracket like so.

The Battery door was very hard to open and close with the Hero 5 and looks like they fixed that in Hero 6. 

Let's go ahead an remove this sticker and before we turn it on. Hero 5 and Hero 6 has the one-touch recording so I am just going use this other button to turn it on to complete the initial set-up. This way it won’t try to record. Looks like this unit’s battery is not fully charged. Typically the battery comes charged to at least 60%.

Next, you are greeted with a quick walk through that shows you how to use the touchscreen and it’s really helpful to get around the settings and other options.

GoPro is now making their own chip for their Hero 6 camera and they are calling it the GP1.

The GP1 chip implements a better WiFi that promises 3X faster transfer rate when compared to the Hero 5. I made a video about Quick Stories a few weeks ago and one of the big reason why I didn’t use Quick Stories feature is that how bad the wireless transfer experience was with the Hero 5.

If there is one reason to upgrade to the Hero 6 it will be the 3x faster WiFi transfer speed.

I have the iPhone 8 here with the GoPro app installed and connected and I am going to transfer a file from the Hero 6 and see how long it takes and compare it with the Hero 5.

I am going swap the same memory card and the same file on the Hero 5 to test the transfer speed and

Here is a quick look at the Hero 6 with the Karma Grip and still fits like a glove thanks to the fact that they didn’t change the form factor on us.

Here is a side by side comparison of the Hero 6 and Hero 5? Now let’s see how fast it turns on compared to the Hero 5. As you know they both have one touch recording. Hero 6 starts faster than the Hero 5.

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